10 Matric Class Islamiyat Guess Paper 2018

Guess Paper 10th Matric Class Islamiyat 2018



  • 6,9,8,10,12,19,20

Short Quetions

  • ka lia suraton ke exercise or hamdard objective book.

Long questions

  • khutba huja tul alwada, haqooq ul ebad, jehad ke eksam,fazyl,or ahmia,hjrat ka fazyl,aile zindi,olad ka haqoq

Islamiyat Guess Paper from Quranic Section


Note: The first mechanism  is the weakening of the cleansing selection against mutations that disrupt the work of certain organs and systems of the body, including the immune system and the brain. Previously such mutations reduced fitness (their carriers left on average fewer offspring) and therefore were cleaned by selection. However, the development of medicine, social security and other benefits of civilization made these mutations less harmful in the evolutionary sense. Or even completely harmless (neutral). Therefore, they began to accumulate freely in the gene pool. The development and work of the cerebral cortex depend on the coordinated work of a huge number of genes, which makes our cognitive abilities particularly vulnerable to mutational degradation. Complex indicator of genetic predisposition to education. Icelandic genetics studied the relationship between genes that affect the level of education, and Darwinian fitness in the example of a sample that includes a significant part (about half) of all Icelanders born between 1910 and 1975.

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