10 Matric Class Urdu Guess Paper 2018

Matric Urdu Guess Paper



  • pabandi waqat, mehnat ki barkten, sacience k krishmae,
  • elam k faeday,
  • Eiden, hobulwatni,
  • maan baap k saath slook, Gramer:phaly 9 pages.
  • talab elam k fraez,
  • Araab lganazpage 36 to 39 gramer pages no. 10.


Urdu Kholasa & Chapters Guess Papers


Note: Get secondary education remotely: adults who for some reason did not do it in a timely manner; children and adults who have moved abroad; serving sentences in places of deprivation of liberty. Gifted children who overtake their peers in development and seek to complete the school curriculum in shorter terms, also prefer distance education. And some children just do not like their regular school, they want to manage their time independently, to create a schedule of training and choose the intensity of lessons. Often an employer is not interested in the form of training a specialist who came to work – the level of his professionalism and the status of the institution in which a person received a diploma are more important. But, nevertheless, there are reasons why the entrant chooses a specific form of training. Most often, the main reason for choosing an evening form of training is work. This is not because a person so desperately wants to work, but because parents may not be able to afford the costs of paying for a child’s education in a university, or the “child” is already quite an adult, an independent person who needs to support his family.

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