10th Class English Guess Papers – Guess No 2

Guess Paper for 10th Class English

Guess for English No 2


Allama iqbal + My hobby + My last day at school + An accident + The teacher I like best + A river in flood.True muslim

Paragarph No

5 6,7,8,10,12,15,16 17,20,22,25

Try Again & Peace

Questions and Answers

Chapter No 1)Q2,3,6.

Chapter No 2)Q1,4,5.

Chapter No 4)Q5,6.

Chapter No 6)Q1,4,7

Chapter No 7)Q2,3

Chapter No 10)Q1,4,5.Page#127 Q4,5′

Chapter No 11)Q2,3,5.

Chapter No 12)Q3,4,8.

Chapter No 13)Q2,4,6.


(from punjab textbook


PAIR of words# 2,7,9,13,15,17,20, 26,31,34,37,38,40,

44,46,50,51,53,54, 56,67,70,74,76


Fashions,My Neighbour,A Fortune Teller, Pakistani woman.


Chapter No 1 para #7,4

Chapter No 2 para 4,5

Chapter No 6 para2,6

Chapter No 9 para4,2

Chapter No 10 p

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