10th Class Islamiyat Guess Paper 2018

10th Class Islamiyat Guess 2018


Surat ul mumtahna ayt

# 1 ta 10

Surat ul ahzab ayt

# 1 to 20 or 30 to 35


  • 6,9,8,10,12,19,20



Note: However, till now at the disposal of scientists were basically only indirect evidence of genetic degradation of mankind. There was no direct evidence that the genes that contribute to the development of the psychological and cognitive attributes that we valued are indeed subject to negative selection, and that this selection is effective (that is, it leads to a decrease in the frequency of occurrence of the corresponding alleles). And now, thanks to the development of methods of comparative genomics and the creation of large databases on medical genetics, such evidence has finally appeared, with which we can all be congratulated. The level of education obtained, measured by the number of years spent on education (EA) is an easy to study phenotypic trait, which is apparently closely related to cognitive abilities and such features of the psyche that we usually consider to be virtues (dedication, knowledge, ability to plan their lives, openness to new experiences). It is reliably established that EA in modern human populations has high heritability. Differences between people in terms of education by at least 30-40% are explained by genes (the remaining 60-70% is the result of different environmental conditions and ontogenetic noise.

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