2nd Year Education Guess Paper 2018 All Punjab Boards

2nd Year Education Guess Paper

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2nd Year Education Guess Paper


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Note: Knowledge necessary to maintain a continuous update of technology. Here, within the framework of supporting the development programs of 57 universities in the amount of an average of 500 million rubles. laid the basis for the formation of the competence of specialists working in the field of updating technological processes. First of all, the development programs have touched upon the technologies of such priority sectors as transport, aviation, energy, electronics, optics, information technology, engineering, etc. Knowledge necessary for managing the modern post-industrial economy and knowledge economy. To this end, work began on the creation of business schools of world-class. The task for the further development of these educational institutions is to ensure the network interaction of educational institutions, science, business and the economy as a whole, which corresponds to the definition of network links as an important element of the knowledge economy. Taking this into account, in 2009 it is proposed to continue the activity on competitive support of network innovation programs, both intercollegiate and cooperative, implemented within the framework of joint activity of universities with scientific and production organizations.

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