9th Chemistry Guess Paper 2018

Most Important Questions

Questions # 12

  • Briefly describe its principle, purpose and procedure.
  • Define electroplating.
  • What are non-electrolytes, give example?
  • How electroplating of tin on steel carried out?
  • How electroplating of zinc is carried out?
  • In electroplating of chromium, which salt is used as an electrolyte?
  • Which solution is used as electrolyte in Nelson’s cell?
  • Differentiate between strong and weak electrolytes.

Questions # 13

  • Define Galvanic cell.
  • What is salt bridge?
  • How the half cells of galvanic cell are connected?
  • What is the difference between anode and cathode?
  • What happens to cathode in the galvanic cell?
  • What is the function of salt bridge?
  • Write two differences between electrolytic and galvanic cell.

Questions # 14

  • What do you mean by groups and periods in the periodic table?
  • What do you mean by periodic function?
  • What are the Defects in Long Form of Periodic Table?
  • Define electron affinity.
  • Explain the trend of electron affinity in periodic table.
  • Describe its trend in periodic table.
  • What do you mean by shielding effect?
  • Discuss the important features of modern periodic table.
  • Explain its trends in periodic table.
  • Describe its trend in the periodic table.
  • What is the difference between Mendeleev’s periodic law and modern periodic law?
  • What are Halogens? Describe the position of halogen in periodic table?

Questions # 15

  • Explain the term oxidation on the basis, of electrons concept with an example.
  • Define valiancy.
  • Describe oxidation and reduction in term of loss or gain of electron.
  • What is the oxidation number Carbon in Na2CO3?
  • Calculate oxidation number of nitrogen in HNO3.
  • What is reduction?
  • Explain with an example. Describe the rules for assigning the oxidation state.
  • Oxidation and reduction proceed simultaneously.
  • What is difference between valiancy and oxidation state?
  • Explain the term oxidation on the basis of electronic concept with an example.

Questions # 16

  • Write down general electronic configuration of carbon family.
  • Write down the electronic configuration of chloride ion.
  • Write down the electronic configuration of Na.
  • Write down electronic configuration of chlorine.
  • Write down the electronic configuration of Be and Ne.

Questions # 17

  • What is the maximum capacity of a shell?
  • Differentiate between shell and subshell.

Questions # 18

  • A solution contains 50 g of sugar dissolved in 450 g of water.
  • What is the unit of concentration?
  • What is concentration of this solution?

Questions # 19

  • What is meant by carbon dating?
  • What is mole? Calculate the number of moles In 84 gram carbon.

More Important Questions for 9th Chemistry


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