9th Class Chemistry Guess Paper Short Questions

Chemistry Guess Paper for 9th Class

Short Questions of 9th Class Chemistry Guess Paper

Physical Chemistry,

Organic & Inorganic Chemistry,

Mixture, Physical and Chemical Properties,

Valency, Diff b/w Compound & Mixture,

Empirical & Molecular Formula, Free radical, Avogadro Number,

Mole and Molecular Ion, Electronic Configuration (cl-1), Isotopes (hydrogen),

Domineer Trides, Branches of chemistry. Element. Valency.

Relative Atomic Mass, Empirical Formula, Molecular Ions

Free Redicals, Homoatomic and Hetroatomic Molecules,

Atomic Radius, Shielding Effect,

Electron Affinity,Electro-Negativity, Boiling Points and Allotropy.


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