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Adding Pakistan’s name to FATF watchlist will impact war against terrorism: Ahsan Iqbal | World

PARIS: Pakistani Interior Minister warned on Tuesday evening to add the country's name to the list of countries that provide financial assistance to terrorism.

Ahsan Iqbal, speaking before the meeting of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), stressed that if the name of Pakistan is added to the "watch list", this will negatively affect the war on terrorism.

The FATF is

Earlier the delegation led by Syed Mansour Shah, the Director General of the Financial Monitoring Group and as members of the foreign affairs and internal affairs ministries, (19459008)

The delegation entered into force after a resolution sponsored by the United States and supported by its allies was put forward to consider the deployment of Pakistan on

Dr. Miftah Ismail in Paris

Counselor Prime Minister for Finance Dr. Miftah Ismail also He arrived in Paris to attend the same meeting.

According to official sources, Ismail visited Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands last week in an attempt to gain support against the American move.

Of the 35 permanent members of the FATF, only China supported Pakistan, and the rest are likely to lag behind the US resolution, sources said.

On February 16, Heather Nauer, a spokesman for the US State Department, stated that the resolution on the deployment of Pakistan on the global list of terror monitoring was submitted to the FATF.

She clarified that the United States had long worried about the actions of Pakistan.

The impact of the FATF on Pak's position on the list of observation

The US response mov e, the Foreign Ministry said that Pakistan has serious concerns about the US resolution.

Pakistan's international credit rating may suffer as a result of its being listed, as some international financial institutions are under the influence of the FATF, which includes about 700 members, including the United Nations, the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and The World Bank.

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