Afghan town nazim headed robber group active in Karachi | Pakistan

KARACHI: A group of robbers, consisting of Afghan citizens who for three years actively led looting in the city, was led by the Afghan city nazim, it appeared on Friday.

The head of the group of robbers was in Karachi since March 1, but after the arrest of the accomplices, he fled to Afghanistan.

Geo News received cadres from a CCTV group conducting looting in the chic districts of the city.

The Afghan group committed robbery in Gulshan-e-Jamal on March 1. In the incident, the suspects arrived in the house on motorcycles and cars.

Suspects reached the house early in the morning and committed robbery within a few minutes. A noteworthy aspect in the frame is that the head of the group was also seen as part of this act.

The Afghan charge of the group was identified as Hamedullah, who was marked by his accomplices in custody.


SSP Clifton Tauqeer Naeem said that two robbers caught in a meeting in Nazimabad on March 1 determined Hamedullah. He said that, according to reports, he fled to a neighboring country.

A senior police officer added that when one group of robbers was involved in this meeting, another committed a robbery in a house in Gulshan, e-Jamal, in which two families lived.

Hiring said that as a result of the robbery, the suspects stole jewelry and jewelry worth five to six million rupees.

A group of 50 Afghan citizens was found involved in looting in the chic metropolitan areas on March 7.

. During the robberies, the group will also sexually insult women, said arrested members, revealing details of their activities in the city.


Previously, in a police clash, one member of the group was killed, and two were caught.

The robbers arrived from Afghanistan in Karachi via Quetta and Chaman and temporarily resided in the town of Itechad in the buffer zone, Akhtar Co (19459006)

The reconnaissance process is carried out by a local facilitator, and then members commit looting in groups.

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