AIOU Admission Schedule 2018 Spring, Autumn BA, FA, Bed, MA & Med

The Open University of Allama Iqbal (AIOU) is a public research university located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Open University Allama Iqbal has a distance learning system, and its network is growing throughout the country.


The University of AIOU offers extensive post-graduate, master and doctoral programs in various academic disciplines. Get complete information about the AIOU’s admission, the results of the AIOU, the AIOU assignments and the AIOU training from this page.


AIOU Autumn Entrance 2018 Schedule

AIOU Admission Schedule 2018 Spring, Autumn BA, FA, Bed, MA & Med

Allama Iqbal Open University is a well-known university known in Pakistan. The open University of Allama Iqbal Open University was announced. Schedule of reception and transmission 2018 spring, BA, fall programs FA, Bed, MA & Med. Students now need to concentrate the NTS GAT test on Participating in Master’s programs.


Those students who want to take part in the AIOU to get distance learning at postgraduate, undergraduate, postgraduate and master’s level report that this university does not receive admission tests for admission. All students You can also be aware of the fact that AIOU open admission exams twice a year, that for the spring between March and February or the second time will enter the fall semester in September & August. Those students who want to access the mechanism on admission to the autumn reception at AIOU and AIOU must offer their form of admission with a date schedule that has already been mentioned and written through the publicity release of officials. BISE DG Khan 9th Result 2018


Along with academic programs, this open university also presents Short Courses, which are CT, PTC and other computer courses for short-term trainings after passing exams. Continue reading to receive the AIOU 2018 admission schedule for the fall programs FA, Spring, BA, Med, Bed & MA.


This is the ascension of one of the leading higher educational institutions, as well as research in the field of education. AIOU is a large educational institution in Pakistan. He noted that his economic policy offers higher education at minimal cost. During a special university fund governs the government.


  • The Pro-Chancellor
  • The Chancellor (President of Pakistan)
  • Executive Board (Governing Body)
  • Vice-Chancellor (Chief Executive Officer / Head of Institution)

AIOU is a renowned University of Pakistan, which has all the facilities that a student normally needs at a university. That is why most students from Pakistan like to enter the AIOU.

Reception programs AIOU

    • Phil Programs
    • D Programs
[Master’s degree programs]
  • Bachelor’s degree programs
  • Ed Program
  • Certificate of higher education (secondary education)
  • Postgraduate Diploma (PGD)
  • Certificate of secondary school (Matric)
  • Diploma of Education
  • Certificate of Teaching (ATTC, CT & French Online)
  • Basic Training Certificate (PTC)


The receiving system of AIOU

Allama Iqbal University Open University AIOU has a full admission procedure, and those students who want to access the AIOU can receive full information from this page. Open University Allama Iqbal AIOU offers distance learning within the individual semester system. Admission to graduate school, for example M.Phil, PhD, MSc / MA and teacher training programs such as CT, PTC, M. Ed & B. Ed, are announced once a year, but their examinations are held twice in the spring and fall semesters. Hamdard University Admission 2018


The whole academic year is alienated. Within 2 semesters in autumn and spring, AIOU conducts examinations twice a semester, and also collects admission forms from new admission students. Semester usually ends for 18 weeks plus t2o weeks for training for the exam.


AIOU entrance test

We mentioned here that the AIOU does not accept an entrance test for this test in different areas. But those students who take part in the master’s programs must listen to the general NTS graduation examination (GAT), and also join this NTS test card with your admission form. AIOU filled all the seats to their true worth. There are no chances of leadership failures. So all students work hard to get admission to the AIOU. BISE AJK 10th Class Result 2018

It is mentioned here that all information is collected from online resources. Subject to receiving additional assistance regarding the admission of AIOU or any other admission to the university in Pakistan, you can comment on us below.

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