BA English Important Questions with Answers

BA English Important Questions

1- Breakfast Short Story Summary

2- The Tell Tale Heart Crime Scene

3- The Happy Prince Summary

4- Character Sketch of Eva

5- Theme of the Story A Conversation with my Father

6- Character Sketch of Wolf

7- The Necklace Husband Character

8- Smoke Screen Question Answers

9- A Conversation with my Father Summary

10- Is the Necklace a Tragedy

11- Irony used in the Story the Necklace

12- Role of Matilda in The Necklace

13- In the Short Story Araby who is the Boy in love with

14- How is the Necklace a Moral Story

15- Theme of the Story The Necklace

16- Smoke Screen One Act Play Summary

17- Theme of the Story Araby

18- Araby by James Joyce Summary

19- Character Sketch / Role of Swallow

20- The Tell Tale Heart Summary

21- The Happy Prince is a Fairy Tale

22- Who is Giovanni

23- Character Sketch of Beatrice

24- The New Constitution Summary

25- Take Pity Summary

26- The Necklace Summary

27- Theme of the Story The Fly

28- Summary of the Poem Leisure

29- The Fly by Katherine Mansfield Summary

30- Theme of the Poem Leisure

31- Poem Leisure Central Idea

32- The Boy Comes Home Summary

33- The Duchess and the Jeweller Summary

34- Something to Talk About Questions

35- The Boy Comes Home Questions

36- Character Sketch of Ustad Mangu

37- The Bear Questions with Answers

38- How does the old Man Finally kill the Fish?

39- One Art by Elizabeth Reference to Context

40- The Huntsman Explanation

41- One Art Poem Explanation

42- Patriot into Traitor Explanation

43- The Huntsman Summary

44- The Huntsman Reference to the Context

45- The Rebel Reference to Context

46- Patriot into Traitor Summary

47- Woman Work Poem Explanation

48- Tartary Poem Summary

49- The Rebel Poem Critical Appreciation

50- Summary of Woman Work Poem

51- Tartary Poem Stanza Explanation

52- Woman Work Poem Analysis

53- Woman Work Reference to the Context

54- The Rebel Poem Summary

55- Patriot into Traitor Reference to the Context

56- The Rebel Poem Explanation

57- The Solitary Reaper Poem Summary Line by Line

58- The Solitary Reaper Poem Reference to Context

59- Explanation of Poem The Solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth

60- Theme of the Poem The Solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth

61- All the World’s a Stage Summary

62- All the World’s a Stage Reference to Context

63- All the World’s a Stage Stanza Wise Explanation

64- Departure and Arrival Poem Reference to the Context

65- Departure and Arrival Poem Explanation

66- A Poison Tree by William Blake Summary

67- A Poison Tree Reference to Context

68- A Poison Tree Stanza Explanation

69- Because I Could Not Stop For Death Summary Stanza by Stanza

70- Because I Could not Stop for Death Reference to the Context

71-Because I Could not Stop for Death Explanation Line by Line

72- Lights Out Poem Summary

73- Lights Out Poem Reference to Context

74- Lights Out Edward Thomas Poem Explanation


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