BA Part 2 Syllabus Punjab University

BA Part 2 Syllabus

We are providing BA syllabus for the help of our students because Punjab University has changed its format from composite to BA Part 1/1st year and BA Part 2/2nd year for the easiness of students. Lets take a look on BA Syllabus for Part 2 or BA 2nd Year.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Part-II

Subject Marks
1. English (Compulsory) – II 100
2. Elective-1 100
4. Elective-2 100
5. Optional Subject 100
Total Marks 400

Note: Our education thus consists of the basic psychic programs absorbed in childhood itself, accumulated on top of these stereotypes (there are also various facts here), some kind of development of the machine of the intellect, if you are lucky with the environment, then there is no development of feelings, and if you are very lucky – then a certain culture of thinking, the skills of changing one’s mind, working with information, understanding the methods of action and creating knowledge in the pace of life. It also connects in the psyche and guides the life through the system of moral standards, which for the most part is also derived from culture and partly designed independently at a more conscious age, and even the recommendations of conscience, which we, due to our morality either follow, and then problems in life we have less, because conscience protects from noble mistakes, or is deaf to it, and then life in every possible way shows us the need to pay attention to this very advice.

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