BA Syllabus Punjab University 2018

We are going to share with you BA syllabus just for the help of our students. Obviously, there is no need to share the syllabuses to students because they know very well about it. So, a question arise here that why we are sharing BA Syllabus. Its answer is that, due to Punjab University has changed its format from composite BA to BA Part 1/1st year and BA Part 2/2nd year for the easiness of students, that’s why we are sharing. Anyways, lets take a look on BA Syllabus for Part 1 or 1st year and BA part 2 or 2nd Year Syllabus.

BA Part 1 Syllabus

BA Syllabus Part 1

BA Part 2 Syllabus

BA Syllabus Part 2



Note: In addition, reading involves one of the most important mechanisms of the psyche, on which the future depends, as an individual, and for all mankind as a whole. This is imagination. If you do not imagine, do not dream about your future, someone else will do it for you. Today, mass culture struggles against imagination in every possible way, accustoming only to consume ready information, but not to create, not to imagine a new one. As a result, a person becomes an appendage to a television or to a tape in a social network. The book teaches our minds to imagine, create worlds, give them details and features, which even do not exist in the book – it teaches us to create! We live in a century when the pace of development of society, its economic progress and the life of each of us depends on knowledge. Not having them, a person can not cognize nature, master its riches, manage modern technology, manage production, establish its own business, can not itself be a harmonious person.

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