Balochistan celebrates cultural day with great zeal | Pakistan

QUETTA: On March 2, a cultural day is celebrated for the people of Balochistan, which every year on that date conducts colorful and festive events to celebrate their rich culture and history.

The history of Baluchistan is one of the oldest in the world, especially in the regions of Siberia, Bolan, Lasbel, Kalat, Haran and Makran. Historically, quite significant.

In the above-mentioned areas there are old forts and tombs that are considered

The trend of celebrating Baluch culture began from the 15th century from Sibby, spreading to other areas.

After several centuries, the people of Baloch still celebrate their culture day as jealousy and passion.

On this day, people from Baloch spend various festivities to celebrate their culture and history, in which men and children participate in beautiful traditional dresses.

Every year on this day the inhabitants of Baloch celebrate their culture and spread the message about harmony and peace.

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