BSc Chromatographic Guess Paper 2017-18

BSc Chromatographic Guess Paper

Most Impotant Questions for Chromatographic

Imp Following Definations:

1) Stationary phase

2) Mobile phase

3) Eluent

4) Support

5) Adsorption

6) Chromatogram

7) Rf Value

Q.2. What are the techniques used in chromatographic methods?

Give the classification of chroinatography.

Q.3. Explain briefly paper chromatography. How it can be classified?

Q.4. Which types of paper have been used in paper chromatography? Explain

with reason.

Q.5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of paper chromatography?

Q.6. In what ways TLC is superior to paper chromatography?

Q.7 .What are the adsorbents? How can they be used?

Q.8. Explain a brief description of preparation of TLC plates.

Q.9. Write methods for the development of TLC plates?

  1. 10.Describe the methods for the location of separated substances in TLC.

Q.11.Give the applications bf TLC and paper chromatography‘?

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