BSCS Computer Science Notes pdf

BSCS Computer Notes


We are going to share with you the notes for different classes as mention above just for the help of our students, so that they can perform best in exams and in the near future, they can become good citizen of our society and take part in the development of our country. Would you like to read the notes or you can download them into your computer for offline learning. Students should take keen interest in study because they are the future of our country. See Below:-


Notes of Discrete Structures US 6
Notes of Discrete Structures US 3

 Operating Systems and Networks Book


Note: To this department, departments of art criticism and journalism are still adjoined as necessary constituent parts of it, acquaintance with them is no less necessary for the purposes of self-education than with the previous ones. Any work of art, more or less outstanding, has always evoked and causes a whole literature of assessments and interpretations – critical articles, comments from all sorts of points of view. Public is an assessment of the current social life, the very “evil of the day” that we not only experience – at each moment of history our own – but which in general is very close to us. An artistic critic evaluates the work and its author. The publicist gives his assessment of life itself. Both of them open doors to us from the narrow kennel of personal life to the arena of social life. We are faced with the task of developing a moral ideal not only for personal life, but also for social ideal. Public teaches us to evaluate the current life from the point of view of this ideal, to deepen, expand our understanding and our participation in the burning struggle.

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