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LONDON: The leading investment group launched 100 landmark cases in the metropolis to promote Gwadar as an investment destination and draw attention to the future center of economic activity in Pakistan.

Two-story buses run along 17 routes in London, where there is a beautiful banner that reads: "Gwadar: The Gteway to Emerging Pakistan".

The port in the province of Balochistan Pakistan, Gwadar has the potential to compete with Dubai.

. With the banners on the buses plying the roads of London, the campaign is the most expensive, diverse and creative ever going beyond Pakistan to promote Gwadar as the center of the strategic gambit, as well as Pakistan's Dubai, and developed with the help of China under the Sino- Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

A bus in London with a banner against Gwadar.

The London-sponsored campaign sponsored by the China Pak Investments Corporation (CPIC) has the potential to achieve or impact at least 10 million people during the month (19459004)

One Operations Director One Investments Limited Stewart Reid told Geo News in an interview that the "red Gwadar buses" were launched in Zone 1 of Central London, the heart of the world's financial capital, and exit to zone 4 to celebrate Gwadar.

"We estimate that at least 10 million of the most influential people in the world will see these buses, exposing the most interesting places in Central London from Oxford Street to Park Lane and Buckingham Palace to the Houses of Parliament and Lords in Westminster" , – he said. "We have put Pakistan and Gwadar on the highest platform at the best place in London, the city with the world's billions of billions that sees more than $ 5 trillion in daily financial transactions."

He expressed admiration for the Gwadar buses creating a huge response within hours of launch.

According to Reid, the goal of this campaign is to demonstrate Gwadar as a new South Asian trade center on a global platform.

Economic Growth

"Pakistan is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia today, it is ready to become the 20th largest economy in the world by 2030, and the world must understand these facts, he said. "The difference between Pakistan and other regional competitors today is not potential or potential, but negative PR. Pakistan is a country full of opportunities, and here at CPIC we will provide these opportunities to the forefront for global investors. "

Reid said that Gwadar is a city destined for global investment. He gave a link to an article published last week in The Telegraph, one of the leading publications in the UK, which said that Gwadar retained the potential for the future of Dubai.

"Looking for an economic perspective that we really can see parallels, Dubai Jebel Ali Port and Freezone create more than 22% of Dubai's GDP, creating jobs for 100 thousand thousands of jobs," said the chief operating officer. "Similarly, China launched the first phase of Freezone Gwadar, which is expected to become the busiest port in South Asia by 2022."

The price of land in Dubai over the past 20 years has grown by more than 3000%, since it established itself as a shipping and trading center of the Middle East. "We see Gwadar on a similar trajectory, as a transport and trade hub of South Asia."

"The Best Form"

When asked why the Gwadar campaign was launched on London buses, Reid said brands like Nike, Apple and Amazon are promoting this platform. "We did not think that there was a more suitable platform for demonstrating Gwadar, except next to the world's largest brands."

He said that some elements are against investment in Gwadar for their own selfish reasons, but the fact is that the security of Guadar is in the hands of the Pakistani army, there is no safer city in the whole country. "In fact, Gwadar is one of the safest cities in the world."

Local residents are actively involved in the development of Gwadar. According to him, they benefit from the economic trace of CPEC through work in the port, education in Chinese-built schools and medical care on Chinese constructed facilities.

Reid added that the fate of Gwadar's people has turned around over the past two years since China seized the port, and yesterday's sand became today's gold, land prices have increased by 500%, and land belonging to local residents, which cost tens of thousands of dollars, now cost millions.

He said that this week CPEC conducts automobile shows in America, and the campaign will soon be launched in Washington and New York.

Road shows are held in San Francisco, Sheraton Park Hotel in Anaheim, Houston, Dallas, New York, Renaissance New York Midtown, Chicago and Toronto.

China has allocated 62 billion dollars for the initiative on the initiative of One Belt One Road for the development of commercial logistics lines with Europe to gain access to a warm water port 350 miles from the Strait of Hormuz.

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