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1st & 2nd year/Intermediate Complete Notes Guess Papers & Past Papers

Intermediate Notes Guess Papers & Past Papers Education is most necessary to survive in this world & this is also the fact that’s not an easy job to give half life to just education. Apart from, to get success in this competitive world is also not an easy job. Anyways, we are sharing educational data […]

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2nd Year Physics Guess Paper & Important Questions 2018

2nd Year Physics Questions Guess   Important Long Questions: Gauss’s law and Electric Intensity due to an infinite sheet of charge Charge On an electron by Millikan’s Method Resistivity and its dependence on temperature Kirchoff’s Rules(first and second) Wheatstone bridge Rheostat as potential divider Ampere’s Law Field due to current carrying solenoid Force on a […]

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9th Class English Guess Paper 2018

9th Class English Guess Q.NO.1:Translate the following paragraph into Urdu: Paragraph No. 1 The Arabs possessed a remarkable ………………. before the promulgation of Islam. Paragraph No. 2 In the fifth and sixth centuries, ………………. into the light of faith. Paragraph No. 3 When Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) ……………remembrance of Allah Almighty. Paragraph No. 4 The period […]

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Guess Papers For Class 9th Computer Science

Define analog computer. Convert 1 MB into GB. Define application software. Define electronic data processing. Define desktop computer. Define Floppy Disk. Define information. Define Hardware. Write names of three different hardware units. Define low-level language. Define mouse event. Write names of different mouse events. Define microcomputer. Define Output unit. Define Secondary Memory. Define pocket computer. […]

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