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Physics 9th Class Guess Paper 2018

Physics 9th Guess     Prncple Of Moments Vrnier Calipr -Zero Eror Graph Guess for Short Questions   Note: Deployment of the above-mentioned contradictions generates a state of social tension in the educational environment. Social tension is a dynamic process and requires adequate methods of researching the problem of higher professional education. The revealed contradictions […]

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9th Class Computer Guess Paper 2018 Lahore Board

9th Computer Guess Lahore Board   Complete 9th Guess Papers Define analog computer. Convert 1 MB into GB. Define application software. Define electronic data processing. Define desktop computer. Define Floppy Disk. Define information. Define Hardware. Write names of three different hardware units. Define low-level language. Define mouse event. Write names of different mouse events. Define […]

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9th Biology Guess Paper 2018

9th Bio Guess 2018 Branches, Farming, Horticulture, Biotechnolgy, Comunty, Population, Bio Molecule, Tisue,Organ, Deduction, Variable, Hypothesis, Taxonomy, Aims Of Clasifcation, 3&5 Kingdoms, Clasfication Of Man&Mustard, Biodivrsty&Importanc, Plasmodsmeta, Cel Wal, Magnification, Light&Electron Microscop, Microscopy, Palstids, Mitochondria, Golgi, Endoplasmc Reticlm, Cel Cycle, Musle&Compound Tisue, G0&S Phase, Metastasis, Meta&Anaphase, Mitosis&Meiosis, Procriotc&Eucriotc Cel, Necrosis&Apaptosis, Erors In Meiosis, Enzym, Uses […]

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9th Class Physics Guess Paper 2018 Lahore Board

9th Physics Guess Lahore Board   Prncple Of Moments Vrnier Calipr -Zero Eror Graph Short Question Branches Scientfc Notations & Exampl Base/Derivd Units & Exampls Physical & Elctronic Balanc Signifcant Figurs Zero Eror Rest & Motion Scalar &Vector Linear & Random/ Circular & Rotatry Motion Distance & Displacemnt Acelration SpeedVlocity Dynamics Mass & Weight Inertia […]

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