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BSc Chromatographic Guess Paper 2017-18

BSc Chromatographic Guess Paper Most Impotant Questions for Chromatographic Imp Following Definations: 1) Stationary phase 2) Mobile phase 3) Eluent 4) Support 5) Adsorption 6) Chromatogram 7) Rf Value Q.2. What are the techniques used in chromatographic methods? Give the classification of chroinatography. Q.3. Explain briefly paper chromatography. How it can be classified? Q.4. Which […]

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BSC Spectroscopy Guess Paper 2017-18

BSC Spectroscopy Guess Paper Most Important Questions of Spectroscopy What is spectroscopy? Discuss the various types of spectroscopy with respect to electromagnetic radiation. What arc electromagnetic radiations? Name different parts of them. How can different parts of electromagnetic radiations be differentiated. Define the Beer-Lambert law. Give their limitations. Explain the difference between: (a)   Allowed transition […]

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