Certain forces superior to Parliament, laments Hasil Bizenjo | Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The head of the National Party (NP) Hasil Bizhenho, commenting on the election of the upper slots of the Senate, complained Monday that the parliament was defeated today.

"The parliament was completely defeated. Today it was proved that some forces are greater than the parliament, "he said in his speech after the election of the new chairman and deputy chairman of the house.

The noise of the Party of Pakistani People (PPP) which supported the new chairman of the Senate, Sadik Sanjran, the head of the NP said that today it is not the party or Benazir Bhutto or Zulficar Bhutto.

"These supreme powers won and showed that they can turn parliament into

" Today I'm ashamed to sit here, "he added.

Bisengjo's recorded speech was interrupted by Sanjari, who asked him to reserve a day for congratulations members

"Congratulations, what? Today the face of the house has turned black, "Bizenho said, adding that if he does not speak today, he will not be able to live the rest of his life.

He also blew up the opposition for appointing a chairman election as a victory in Balochistan, saying that the parties turned the Balochistan assembly into a "market."

"After the building was destroyed, they say that we did this for Balochistan. Did you do this for Balochistan? You did the same with the CP, "he said.

Previously, the former chairman of the Senate, Raza Rabbani, took the floor and said that he would continue the struggle for the supremacy of parliament on the floor and outside the house if necessary.

Congratulating Deputy Chairman Salim Mandiullah and Sanjran with their election, the head of Jamaat-e-Islami, Sirajul Haq, said that the Senate polls had become a step towards democracy, because people feared that the elections would not take place in general

"Who gave you a vote or who does not [does not matter now, as] Democracy demand to accept the defeat and victory of others, even if it is one vote," Siraj said.

Ruling Pakistan The Muslim League-Navas (PML-N) lost the race to nominate its elected candidates to the upper slots of the Senate, as Sadiq Sanjari, an opposition candidate from Balochistan, was appointed chairman of the Senate on Monday.

Sanjari received 57 votes out of a possible 103 votes and w (19459006)

Sanjari, independent, was supported by the Pakistan People's Party (PPP), Pakistan's Terik-e-Insaf (PTI) and the Muttahid Movement of Kaumi-Pakistan (MQM) -P).

According to reports, Sanjari also received the support of independent senators elected from Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)

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