Collision inevitable if parliament doesn’t end de facto state: Babar | Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Senator of the People's Party of Pakistan Farhatulla Babar said on Tuesday that the state in the state is being formed and there is a conflict between them, adding that if the parliament does not end de facto, it will lead to a clash.

The senator, who is among those who retired this month, delivered his farewell speech in the upper house of parliament.

In his address, Babar said that other institutions had influenced the authority of the parliament.

Babar said that the accountability committee tried to hold everyone accountable, but his own side retreated.

He said that the situation is moving towards a conflict between institutions.

The senator said that the 18th amendment and the transition of autonomy in the province are being abolished, which may lead to the reduction of provinces requiring equal status, as in the Punjab

The PPP leader said that because of the continuing The danger of the rescue of Pakistan is in Parliament.

The politicization of the judicial system and vice versa threatens the parliament, the senator said.

"This is when the chief judge of Pakistan promises that he does not have a political agenda," Babar said.

Babar further said that this refers to when the judges rely on "disrespect for the court" for their immunity.

] "In my village" Baba Rehmatay "there is a wise man who says that the constitution exceeds the parliament," Babar said.

"Baba Rehmatey says that the Constitution is not what is written, it's what he says," Babar remarked.

The senator said that when it comes to the sphere of influence of institutions, the parliament fails.

In November 2017, Senator Farhatulla Babar resigned from the parliamentary committee on accountability.

On October 20, Babar resigned from the Standing Committee of the Senate on Defense, refusing to share with the media his reason for his resignation.

Along with Babar, former Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani, Finance Minister Ishak Dar, Mushahid Hussein Sayed, Nasrin Jalil, Aizaz Auchan will also resign this month.

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