Contraband seized from PIA flight attendant in Paris | Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Smuggling was reinstated from the flight attendant of Pakistani international airlines in Paris, France.

According to the representative of the PIA, security was not the responsibility of the airline. But he expressed surprise at how smuggling was brought to the plane, despite security checks.

Smuggling was restored on the flight of the national carrier PK-749 in Paris, after which the French authorities arrested the flight attendant Tanveer Gul, and the airline suspended it.

A spokesman said he was not sure whether the French authorities would punish him in his country or deport him.

However, he added, the PIA will fire the accused stewardess if the charges against him are proven.

In May 2017, 20 kilograms of contraband were seized from the London flight of the national carrier.

The drugs were discovered by a group of vigilant Pakistan International Airlines, hidden in the galley for public catering PK-785.

Although the plane was cleared to fly to London, the smuggler remained unidentified.


Prior to this, heroin, hidden in packets, was removed from the PIA flight in an intelligence operation conducted by the United Kingdom Crime Agency at Heathrow Airport in London.

Customs officers who investigated the discovery of drugs confiscated in London believed that heroin was hidden in an airplane while it was in Karachi.

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