CTD officer wanted for citizen’s murder nabbed from Karachi airport | Pakistan

Ali Imtiaz Siddiqi, 32, was allegedly killed by his close friend Ali and CTD officer Asgard Usman in 2017. Photo: Geo News

KARACHI: CTG officer Asghar Usman, who wanted to kill a resident of Karachi, was taken by the Rangers on Thursday.

Usman, in collusion with a close friend of the deceased Ali, allegedly was kidnapped by Asfar Imtiaz Siddiq, 32, on April 5 last year.

Siddiqi, who returned to Pakistan a few months before his killing, was the son-in-law of the vice chancellor of the University of Dow Medical Sciences.

Two men held Siddiq hostage in a bungalow, which they rented in a federal block block 21 in Karachi, according to sources.

According to the confessed statement of Usman, he and Ali invited Siddiq to a bungalow and demanded a ransom of 40 million rupees.

They later killed this man and buried him in the kitchen of a bungalow, officials said.

Ali, a weightlifter by profession, was previously arrested by the police during a 22-day trial, but was released at the end of this period.

The Rangers on Wednesday received information about the expected arrival of Ushman from Peshawar at Karachi airport today, from where he was arrested.

The forces of law enforcement bodies returned the body from the crime scene by the identification of Usman.

A special group, led by AIG Aftab Pathan, is investigating the incident.

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