What is Darwin’s theory of Common Descent

Darwin’s theory of Common Descent


According to Darwin’s Theory of Common Descent, the organisms having common ancestory in the near pass would resemble one another very closely, while those having more distant common ancestory would show more differences.


Note: Proceeding from the above, it can be concluded that the main thing is not the form of training, but the motivation with which one or another applicant entered the university. In order to get a professionally qualified specialist in the future, first of all, it is necessary to educate in the person responsibility for the choice that he makes at the end of secondary education. This problem should be solved at the level of the family, the school and the society in which this person is located. Something similar exists in European schools. This is because, in my opinion, there a person from the initial stage of training is being pushed to some or other motivation for his further education. This, too, is not the correct form of the formation in the personality of the desire to become someone after graduation. In this case, often, a person has to agree with what he imposes on the school, family and society as a whole. Often such people, when entering universities, think about the motivation of their choice, as about their own, rather than someone imposed.

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