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Efforts being made to create issue out of delimitation of new constituencies: ECP spokesman | Pakistan

KARACHI: A spokesman for the Electoral Commission of Pakistan (ECP) said on Tuesday that efforts are being made to create a problem due to the delineation of new constituencies.

Speaking about the Geo News program "Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath", ECP representative Harun Shinwari said that this is not the first time they have restricted the constituencies.

"Objections arise over delimitation, but [the ECP] is going to hear [these objections] from tomorrow," he said.

Shinwari said that the whole nation has its expectations from them, and they will resist these expectations.

He noted that the ECP is working on delimiting new constituencies during the last year and a half, in addition to continuous training of employees.

"Those who oppose the delimitation of new constituencies should have a personal problem," the representative said.

Voting for Foreign Pakistanis

Answering a question about their preparations for the overseas Pakistanis to cast their votes over the Internet, he said that this was an extremely technical issue, and in accordance with section 94 Election Law ECP is responsible for [initiating] experimental project (19459004)

"We are ready for this together with Nadra," said Shinwari.

He said that the Supreme Court ordered Nadre in January 2018 to prepare software for this, because there is no other way than voting via the Internet.

"Nadra prepared the software, and the Supreme Court on April 12 ordered its demonstration, in which ECP, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Information Technology experts will be on board in the supreme court."

The representative of the ECP said that they had signed a contract with Nadra for this pilot project, in which the voting will pass through the Internet, mainly using e-mail.


"We also have eagerly awaited the preparation of this flawless Nadra system," he said.

. " However, after its testing, the Supreme Court may have to ask the parliament to pass laws on it, because in accordance with this Election Law there is only a pilot project. "

Shinwari said that the CAP understands that the software should be prepared with Nadra, which can deal with cyber attacks and other challenges, like most Pakistani people, are workers abroad and voting will be conducted using e-mail , and one will be given a password for verification.

"We need to study all this and whether our people [capable] are enough to have an email account and use it. Then there is the challenge of the time and bringing the project to the point that the parliament passes the law in the elections of 2018, "he explained.

"So, we have full preparation, and we signed a contract with Nadra for Rs95 million for this pilot project," the spokesman concluded.

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