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Election Act 2017: IHC issues notice to ECP over changes in nomination form | Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Islamabad published on Friday a notice to the Pakistan election commission about the latest changes to the nomination forms of the 2017 Election Law.

The Supreme Court heard a statement in which it objected to the withdrawal of reservations in the form of the nomination of the leader of the Muslim League, Ahmad Sheikh Rashid.

The applicant's lawyer stated in court that the forms are being requested for less information from the applicants and, in accordance with article 19 of the Constitution, each voter has the right to receive information.

The applicant's lawyer said that proposals requiring information should be reintroduced into the forms.

The court sent a notice to the Attorney General, the Ministry of Police Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs and called back.

AML leader Sheikh Rashid appealed to the media outside the IGU, stating that 19

Rashid said that the provisions relating to citizenship and convictions had been deleted, adding that the forms did not request and about assets.

The AML head of state said he does not want the elections to stop.

"I guarantee that even if the elections are held on time, these elected people will ultimately be disqualified by the Supreme Court," Rashid said, referring to the latest application forms.

In October 2017, the National Assembly unanimously adopted amendments to the Law on the Elections of 2017, restoring the Hamat-e-Nabovath Declaration (the finality of the prophecy), which should be signed by holders of public office in its original form


The controversy arose when the ruling party adopted amendments to the electoral law, and opposition parties claiming that the bill introduced by the government also changed the content of the form concerning the belief in Khatm-i-Nabovat (eventually Prophecy), which must be signed by civil servants and candidates for elections.

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