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Family of man killed by US diplomat demands suo motu action from chief justice | Pakistan

Surveillance footage of the incident. Photo: Geo News

ISLAMABAD: Relatives of the youth killed by an American diplomat in Islamabad last week demanded that the chief justice of Pakistan take action on this incident.

On Saturday, a car of the US military and aviation attache of Colonel Joseph Emanuel Hall launched a red light and crashed into a motorcycle, killing Athei Baiga in place and injuring another young man.

incident, the diplomat was detained and registered against him, but later he was released in accordance with the Vienna Convention, which prevents prosecution of members of the diplomatic community.

During today's protest, members of the Baig family and residents of the Talhara region of Islamabad, where the deceased lived, protested at the scene of the incident on the Margal road of the capital.

A The Qur'an Khwani was held in protest, and extramural prayer prayers were also offered.

A young man was riding a motorcycle when he was struck by a car of a diplomat who ran red.

The protesters called for justice to serve the family of the deceased and asked the chief judge to take suo motu notice of the incident.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Islamabad reserved its verdict on the maintainability of the petition that the colonel's name be placed on the check list (ECL), which prohibits foreign trips.


Colonel Joseph, the station officer (SHO) of the Kohsar police station, the Inspector General (IG), Colonel-General Joseph, Islamabad and the Secretary of the Interior were lodged with a petition filed with the IHC on Wednesday .

Ateta's father stated in a statement that the police had registered the first information report (FIR) about the incident under media pressure, but no serious efforts are being made to complete the investigation of this matter.

The day after the incident, US Ambassador to Pakistan David Hale was also summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to protest the murder.
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Earlier on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif said that an official representative of the US Embassy was still in Pakistan.

The minister made remarks in the National Assembly in response to a question from the legislator about the status of the case following rumors that the diplomat may have left the country.

Asif assured that the law would go on this matter, adding that the US Embassy assured the government on this issue.

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