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Forced into recording video suggesting Intezar murder was premeditated, alleges witness | Pakistan

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The main witness in the case of the murder of Intesar Ahmed, Madih Kayani, on Thursday claimed that her video about the murder was made under pressure.

. Rejecting the previous video, Kayani in a statement to a joint investigation team (JIT), who studied the case, claimed that she was "forcibly taken to Intesar's house at 3 am to record a video." "The lawyer of Father Intesar then uploaded the video to social networks," she added.

In a video message from Kajani, who accompanied Intesar during his assassination, claimed that the deceased had told her that his car was marked and was after that. "Intesar" was killed after the night of January 13 police officers "Anti-car" (ACLC) opened fire on his vehicle in Hayaban-e-Ithehad in Karachi.

"The first statement I gave is accurate, not video, as I was forced to say certain things," Kayani said in an interview with JIT.

Kajani said in a video that the murder of a 19-year-old man was intentional and appealed to the Rangers for security.

As for the video, Intesar's father said that Kayani contacted him, saying that he wants to record the video "with the indication of the truth."

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a police officer said: "Forcing a girl to write down an application and get her out of her house at 3 am is a reprehensible act." The official added: "JIT investigates the incident and releases a video against the law."

"If the video on this issue was recorded, it should have been transferred to the interested authorities instead of sharing them on social networks," the source said.

Another person who was previously investigated in the case, Sohail Hamid sent a two-hour video statement to JIT and denied that he threatened Intesar: "I did not threaten anyone. Intesar called my daughter Marukh, who had been his student many times, and in December 2016 I asked him not to do it, "he said in a video recorded in the United States.

On Thursday, on the interim indictment sheet presented to the judge, the police filed a clean cheek of ACLC SSP Mukaddas Haider, whose guards allegedly shot Intesar, Kayani, as well as Makhrukh and Sohail.

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