General Science Guess Paper 9th Class 2016-17 All Punjab Boards

General Science Guess Paper 9th Class 2016

General Science Guess 9th

Islami Chemia Gary,
Jadid Scientists ,
Qurani Ayat,
Zikarya Razi, Ibn ul Haitiam, Dr Munir, Dr Ishfaq,
Botany,  Zøology, Geography, Astronomy,
Allotropic and Non Allotropic Forms,
Water, Rare Gases,
Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus Ehmiat, Enzymes,
Genetic Enginering,
Metabolism, Pencilin, Vaccines, Proteins, Vitamins,
Glands,First Aid,
Animal Bite,
Jal Jana, Smal Pox,Measles, Hepatitis,  T.B,
Round Worm, Thread Worm,
Jarasim k Phelao,
Dimaghi Bimarian,
Drug, Medicine, Narcotics,
Green House Effect,
Mahool k Aalodgi,
Fosil Fuels,
Mashni Farming,
Jangli Hayat,
Abadi k Mahool Per Asarat,
Ozone and Global Warming



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