Goodbye Mr Chips Book pdf Download

Goodbye Mr Chips Book


We are going to share with you the notes for different classes as mention above just for the help of our students, so that they can perform best in exams and in the near future, they can become good citizen of our society and take part in the development of our country. Would you like to read the notes or you can download them into your computer for offline learning. Students should take keen interest in study because they are the future of our country. See Below:-



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Note: Only under extremely unfavorable conditions of public life does education stop for most people immediately after the school course is over. Where public life is sluggish and slow, there, very possibly, the gray, monotonous reality gradually draws in and sucks man like a swamp, and a person begins to argue that he “will live on like that.” Fortunately, this does not always happen and not everywhere, and, once started at school, education continues beyond school. The area of ​​extracurricular education is much broader than the school education area. There are not only different benefits that help a person acquire an education other than a school, but also entire institutions that serve this purpose. These are, for example, libraries and reading rooms, museums, public lectures, courses, evening and Sunday schools, where classes are held for several hours a week, etc., etc. Extracurricular education is not limited to any program and is in its essence versatile, as versatile a life. Out-of-school education is not a denial of school education, but only a necessary addition and expansion.

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