Guess Paper Biology 9th Class Short Questions

Short Questions Guess Paper for Biology 9th Class

Short Questions

Branches, Horticulture, Farming, Biotechnology,

Population, Comunity, Bio Molecule,

Tissue, Organ, Hypothesis, Deduction, Variable, Taxonomy,

Aims Of Clasifcation, Clasfication Of Man & Mustard, 3 & 5 Kingdoms,

Biodivrsty & Importanc, Cel Wall, Plasmodsmeta, Magnification, Microscopy,

Light & Electron Microscop, Palstids, Golgi, Mitochondria, Endoplasmc Reticlm, Musle & Compound

Tisue, Cel Cycle, Go & S Phase, Meta & Anaphase, Metastasis, Mitosis & Meiosis,

Erors In Meiosis, Procriotc & Eucriotc Cel, Necrosis & Apaptosis, Enzym, Coenzym & Cofactor,

Uses Of Enzym, Photosynthesis, Light & Dark Reaction, Aerobic & Anaerobic Resp Bio issues,

Bio elements, Micro and Macro, Pop and Com, 4 Unicellular org, Parts of Mustard Plant,

Characters of Hypothesis, Control Explanation, Meaning of Malaria, Incubation Period,

Theory, Law, Principal, Ex of bio laws, Bioinformatics, Aim0f clas, Ex heirarchy,

Andria and Leaneus Work, Pirons and Viroids, Virus Living or Non Living,

Scientific Names of Onion and Crow, Clas of Human, Endangerd and extinct Species,

Magnification and Resolution, Microgrph, Fluid Mosaic Model, Plasmodesmata,

Nucleplasm, Cristae, Sisternae,  Semi Permeable Membrane, Passive Transport, Hypertonic,

Hypotonic, Isotonic, Turgor pressure

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