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Haven’t given Zardari sole authority to nominate Senate Chairman candidate, says CM Bizenjo | Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The chief minister of Baluchistan, Abdul Quddus Bizhenho, said on Friday that an opposition candidate for the presidency of the Senate would be appointed after a mutual consensus on this issue and he did not give any individual decision to the Pakistani co-chairman of the Asif Ali Zardari party on this issue.

Speaking in Aya Shahsebe Khazade Kai Saat, the newly elected Chief Minister praised the position of the PPP leader for small provinces of the country and welcomed Agas-e-Hakuk and Baluchistan and the 18th Amendment as "good initiatives" for Balochistan.

Bizhenho said that although there is no specific policy in politics, his group wants the next chairman of the Senate from Balochistan.

"Although there are some obstacles, we expect a solution that will be better for Balochistan," he said. "Imran Khan made the right decision."

The Chief Minister said that the Pakistan Muslim Nawaz League had not yet contacted his group, he could talk with the government about the presidency of the Senate, but he immediately added that he was standing with PPP and PTI.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the PTI, Imran Khan, said on this issue that this is his next senator from the Balochistan Senate, while the deputy chairman is elected from federally administered tribal areas.

PTI chairman made a speech at a press conference where he said that his senators would not vote for Pakistan People's Party and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.

The ruling PML-N, which won the majority of seats in the Senate elections on March 3, claimed to have the required number of votes for the election of its chairman and deputy

The PML-N Power in the Senate now stands at 33 , while PPP takes second place with 20 senators.

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