Most Important Pair of Words & Preposition for 10th Class

Pair of Words & Preposition for 10th Class

Today we are going to share with the most compulsory pair of words and preposition with respect to Matric or 10th class. We have collected this data from past papers of Matriculation. Most of the pair of words and few preposition comes again and again, also same data is shared on multiple online sources, so we have made and share with you the most comprehensive list of pair of words and preposition for 9th and 10th Class or Matric Students for the best preparation of English B Paper.

Important Pairs of Words List

Access : I have no access to him.

Excess : Excess of every thing is bad.

Accept : I accept your proposal.

Except : All were present except Ali.

Altar : A goat was brought to the altar.

Alter : I cannot alter my decision

Advice : He gave me a piece of advice.

Advise : I advise you to work hard.

Angel : I saw an angel last night.

Angle : A triangle has three angles.

Bare : He went out bare footed.

Bear : I saw a bear in the forest.

Bale : He bought two bales of cotton.

Die : He died of fever.

Dye : Please dye my coat.

Dew : Dew drops look like pearls.

Due : I cannot come to school due to fever.

Dose : Give me a dose of medicine.

Doze : He was dozing in the class.

Fare : What is railway fare from here to Lahore?

Fair : He went to a fair.

Flour : He is the owner of a flour mill.

Floor : Do not spite on the floor.

Bail : He was released on bail.

Berth : The berth of the car is comfortable.

Birth : What is your date of birth?

Cattle : The cattle are grazing in the field.

Kettle : Please put the kettle on the fire.

Break : Do not break this cup.

Brake : The brake of my car is out of work.

Cell : He was thrown in a cell.

Sell : He sells books.

Dear : He is dear to me.

Deer : I saw a deer in the zoo.

Course : our English course is difficult.

Coarse : Do not wear coarse clothes.

Diary : Where is your diary book?

Dairy : He is the owner of a dairy farm.

Feet : I have two feet.

Feat : We saw many feats in the fair.

Idol : He is idol worshipper.

Idle : He is idle and lazy.

Lion : I saw a lion.

Loin : He has a thin loin.

Later : I will come later.

Letter : He writes a letter.

Liar : He is a liar boy.

Lawyer : My father is a lawyer.

Marry : She married a doctor.

Merry : They are making merry.

Male : We have no male member.

Mail : Please send him this letter by mail.

Meat : We eat meat.

Meet : I will meet you soon.

Pray : We should pray to God.

Prey : The hawk is a bird of prey.

Piece : Give me a piece of meat.

Peace : We should live with peace.

Pore : There are many pores in our body.

Pour : Pour some water in this jug.

Profit : Profit and lose go side by side.

Prophet : Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is our prophet.

Principal : our principal is an honest man.

Principle : He is a man of principles.

Quiet : Please keep quiet.

Quite : I am quite well.

Right : Tick the right answers.

Write : He writes a letter.

Rain : It is raining.

Reign : Reign of Akbar was good.

Root : This tree has long roots.

Route : This is a short route to the school.

Story : It is an interesting story.

Storey : This building has one storey.

Sail : The ship sails in the sea.

Sale : This house is for sale.

Tale : This is an Interesting tale.

Tail : Dog has a long tail.

Waste : Do not waste your time.

Waist : He has a thin waist.

Weak : He is very weak and thin.

Week : I will come next week.

Teem : This forest teems with birds.

Team : Our team won the match.

Way : This is a short way to the school.

Weigh : He weighs 500 pounds.

Most Important Prepositions for Matric

Absent from, Act upon, Access to, Due to, Dream of, Excess of, Famous for, Equal to, Fond of, Hope of, Full of, Ignorant of, Inform of, Inferior to, Invite to, Kind to, Lame of, Made of, Pray to, Pity for, Prefer to, Refer to, Proud of, Relate to, Trust in, Accused of, Agree with, Addicted to, Afraid of, Answer to, Angry with, Apply for, Ashamed of, Approve of, Assure of, Avail of, Attend to, Aware of, Bark at, Back up, Bear with, blind of, Belong to, beware of, Care of, Break up, Close to, Confident of, Comply with, Consist of, Dear to, Die of, Deliver to, from, Stand by, Victory over, Wonder at, Warn of, Zeal of.

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