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Imran vows to change procedure of Senate polls after winning Elections 2018 | Pakistan

The head of the PTI, Imran Khan, speaks at a press conference in Peshawar on Thursday. – Geo News screengrab

PESHAWAR: Pakistani President Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan said on Thursday that his party will win the general election of 2018 and will change the voting procedure in the Senate in the first turn

While holding a press conference at CM House here, Khan said that they will conduct direct elections to the Senate and change the system allowing to trade on horses.

He said that he held a meeting with members of the party regarding the polls in the Senate, adding: "Even I made a proposal for elections to the Senate, everyone knows that this is connected with money."

The chief of the PTI said that only 2, 4 candidates also take part in the Senate's polls, regretting that no one tried to fix the system.

Noting that the senators are elected directly in the United States, he lamented that corruption in Pakistan is moving through the system of [present] polls in the Senate.

Khan also said (19459011)

"Those who have interests would be against direct elections to the Senate," he said.

Commenting on the party differences, the head of the PTI said that the differences are manifested in political parties, and each of them experienced it. "These differences arose in the absence of an agreement."

He, however, said that their main goal was to change the outdated system.

In response to Pakistan's posting on the FATF list, Khan said it was a failure of the Foreign Ministry.

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