India feels the heat on Kashmir abuses after UK parliament conference | Pakistan

LONDON: The Indian government attempted to appeal to the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) in Kashmir, which last week organized a conference in the British parliament where the violations of the human rights of Kashmiris by the Indian occupying forces were discussed and a demand was made that India comply with international norms, stopping cruelty against Kashmiris.

The APPG meeting on Kashmir last week received an important situation in occupied Jammu and Kashmir from President Azad Kashmir Sardar Masud Khan.

The Indian High Commission was directed to an invitation to participate in the conference and present its point of view, but no representative attended the meeting.

The High Commissioner of Pakistan in the Great Britain Syed Ibn Abbas attended the meeting in which more than two dozen deputies took part.

The APPG in Kashmir, chaired by Labor Parliament Chris Leslie, has more than a dozen deputies from the British Labor and Conservative parties.

Indian origin, the first Turkic Sikh deputy Tangmandjit Singh Desi was also part of the parliamentary group.

Through the Indian government, the Government of India claimed that diaspora members were not allowed to attend the meeting, but stressed that informal inter-party groups do not have an official status in the UK parliament, but are governed by the rules established by the Chamber.

An article published in the publication showed that India fell into a panic after not hiding the truth about serious human rights violations by its occupying security forces.

In a desperate attempt to avoid criticism from internationally consistent with its highly professionalism in occupied Kashmir, the publication attempted to appeal to the APPG regarding Kashmir, because India knows that this group is an inter-party influential parliamentary faction of British legislators who are currently they are preparing a report on the situation in occupied Kashmir.

A deputy associated with the group told Novosti that the APPG for Kashmir had recorded several testimonials from interested parties, including Pakistan's Supreme Commission, London and President AJ Kardar Masood Khan. The report, after its completion, will be submitted to the British Parliament, the European Union and the United Nations (UN).

The article "Hindustan Times" citing the Indian government says that the parliamentary group did not invite but on the other hand, he said that the APPG on Kashmir invited the main listener in Indian Kashmir Mehboba Mufti, but she was not present.

Despite all its efforts, the newspaper could not receive a favorable statement from any British parliamentarian. As a last resort, he had to rely on the statement of MP Bob Blackman, known for his poison against Pakistan.

Bob Blackman regularly visits India to participate in events hosted by BJP and other groups of Hindus, and he openly declares the actions of Indian Prime Minister Narderna Modi.

MP, associated with APPG, said that, relying on Bob Blackman, India could not suppress the truth about Kashmir, despite its great market mantra and influence.

. "This also shows how India is not credible when it comes to the illegal occupation of Kashmir and gross violations of human rights committed by its security forces," the MP said.

When the secrets of the Indians cast a shadow over the Foreign Minister of the British Labor Party, she showed a real picture of Kashmir.

MP Emily Thornberry quoted: "Our current position in Kashmir is related to the concern for human rights. We hear a kaleidoscope of stories, from extremes to less extreme ones; the rights of the Kashmiris continue to grow. I spoke with the (Indian) High Commissioner about it.

"The Kashmiris want to live in peace. This should be our starting point. I know that in India there are people who say that these stories are exaggerated or even completely false. And if so, it seems to me that India has nothing to fear from allowing human rights monitors in Kashmir to be able to support it, it's not true. "

As part of its efforts to highlight the plight of the Kashmiri people, the Pakistan Supreme Commission in London asked that a British inter-party parliamentary delegation be sent to both sides of Kashmir to assess the human rights situation. Although Pakistan always welcomes human rights monitors on its side, India never allows them to visit occupied Kashmir.

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