Intermediate Pakistan Studies Book

We are going to share with you the notes for different classes as mention above just for the help of our students, so that they can perform best in exams and in the near future, they can become good citizen of our society and take part in the development of our country. Would you like to read the notes or you can download them into your computer for offline learning. Students should take keen interest in study because they are the future of our country. See Below:-



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1st Year Statistics Book pdf

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Note: As the world is one, so the general education is one. True, for the convenience of learning and mastering one and the same thing, the same phenomenon is studied by different sciences from different angles, but Only a combination of sciences makes it possible to understand the whole fact, the entire phenomenon . Strange as it may seem, there is one other physiology and history, but only knowledge and understanding of both give an opportunity to understand a person who is not only an organism but also a conscious historical figure and who, in addition, is studied by chemists, and physicists, psychologists, economists, etc. Obviously, without a general education a person can not achieve a proper understanding of any phenomenon, which means that he can not be a good specialist. A chemist must know both physics, mathematics, the history of these sciences, and physiology, and finally he must have the ability to generalize, if he does not want only to remain in the field of certain facts.

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