ISI, MI ask for week’s time to submit report on Rao Anwar’s hunt | Pakistan

Suspended Marir S.P.S. Rao Anwar (left) and Nakibullah Mehsud. Photo: File

ISLAMABAD: The Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Defense appealed to the Supreme Court on Monday with a request that Inter Inter Intelligence (ISI) and military intelligence (MI) need a week's time for sending a report on the search for the detained Malir SSP Rao Anwar, the main accused in the murder of Nakibullah Mehsud.

Pakistan's Chief Justice Mian Sakib Nisar listened to the suo motu case of the murder of a Waziristan native.

During the hearing, the Chief Justice noted: "We are also distressed and worried about the murder of Nakibullah," adding that there will be no politics.

The court also instructed the Frontier Corps to submit a report on the trail for Anwar, noting that if the report is not submitted, then the relevant official of the organization will be responsible.

Fejsal Siddiqui, an adviser to the Nakibullah family, called on the court to send a video in the form of CCTV on the night of January 22, when Anwar tried to leave the country from Islamabad airport.

Then the Chief Justice pointed out that it was necessary to obtain personnel and identify people, after which the court would call them.

Chief Justice Nisar during the hearing expressed his complete faith in the Inspector General of Police Sinda A.D. Khwaja and noted that the court wants Anwar's production to be secured.

Having resumed today's hearing, the Chief Justice ordered the Federal Investigation Agency, the ISI and the MI to report on the efforts to track Anwar after their inability to do so today.

During the hearing, the Intelligence Bureau submitted a report in court, while the official representative of the State Bank of Pakistan informed the court that all of Anwar's bank accounts had been frozen.

Mehsud, a 27-year-old from Waziristan, was among three others who were accused of terrorism and killed by the then Malir SSP in Karachi on January 13 in what was later defined as a fake meeting. Anwar and most of his team have since disappeared.

The Internal Affairs Directorate issues warrants for Anwar, the arrest of others

. In addition, while listening to the case of Nakibullah's murder on Monday, the anti-terrorism court in Karachi issued warrants for Anwar's arrest and another 14 people hiding from the accused in the case.

The court ordered the police to arrest the accused and present them in court on March 8.

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