Islamiyat Matric Guess Paper 2018

Islamiyat Matric Guess 2018


Short Quetions

  • ka lia suraton ke exercise or hamdard objective book.

Long questions

  • khutba huja tul alwada,
  • haqooq ul ebad,
  • jehad ke eksam,fazyl,
  • ahmia,hjrat ka fazyl,
  • aile zindi,
  • olad ka haqoq

Islamiyat Guess Paper from Quranic Section


Note: The second mechanism  is negative selection based on indicators that help (or helped in the past) to succeed in life. Earlier, such signs increased Darwinian fitness, and in modern society, perhaps, began to reduce it – for example, due to the fact that talented, educated and economically successful people began to postpone the birth of children “for later”. Thus, there is evidence that in the United States and other countries people with high IQs leave less offspring (R. Lynn, 1999. New evidence for dysgenic fertility for intelligence in the United States). There are also grounds to suppose that in developed countries, after the industrial revolution, the direction of selection based on the signs related to social and economic success was replaced by the opposite one. For example, if a skillful shoemaker and a shrewd trader left more offspring than their shameless and stupid competitors, from the 19th century onwards everything became the opposite.

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