Ismail blames India for US motion to put Pakistan on FATF watchlist | Pakistan

KARACHI: Advisor to the Prime Minister for Finance, Miftah Ismail Susan, said that the United States proposal to place Pakistan on the global list of monitoring terrorism was "inspired by India."

Speaking of Geo News & show "Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Saath", Ismail said that they are negotiating with 25, 30 countries, and many of these countries highly appreciated the steps of Pakistan.

"We work and tell the world our position. The reason they want to put us on the watch list … we are done with this very reason. "

He said that there are positive testimonials from officials and states with whom they spoke, and it looks like Pakistan will not be included in the monitoring list.

Answering a question about which movement was centered on the statements of Hafiz Saeed and India, the Prime Minister's adviser said the process became "India-oriented India-oriented" and that an international organization such as the FATF does this is because of the plots of one country.

He, however, said that in their laws there are loopholes. "As for these technical problems or legal loopholes, we are ready to talk with them (FATF), if it was on a technical level, and not political."

Ismail called this "injustice" to allocate an individual or organization.

"When we feel that the entire process is inspired by India, and they allot only one organization or one person, then it is injustice."

He said that Pakistan has fulfilled its international obligations and obligations in accordance with the UN Charter.

"We have fulfilled our obligations and expect that the world brotherhood will understand that Pakistan justifies its reasonable expectations," said the Prime Minister's adviser.

"After all this, India wants," he concluded.

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