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Jang/Geo notice for apology, damages: Imran Khan fails to appear in court | Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan did not appear today in court or sent a lawyer, despite a notice in the defamation case of $ 1 billion, Rs., Filed by Jang / Geo.

The jang / Geo group demanded an unconditional apology, a waiver of all allegations and claimed 1 billion rupees as compensation for the false statements made against the media group by the PTI chief.

The editor-in-chief and chief executive of the Jang Group Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman filed a claim for damages in accordance with the 2002 Defamation Ordinance.

Attorney Amir Abdullah reported that Imran did not appear in court today, despite the fact that a notification was sent. He said that Imran was sent a notice through a courier on March 3, which he received on March 5.

. The lawyer presented a courier receipt and a computerized report on the delivery to the court.

The hearing was held by the Additional District and Session Judge (East) Sikandar Khan. The court will send another notice to the chairman of the PTI and will set the date for the next hearing.

The decree on defamation

. According to the plaintiff, the mandate of Section 14 of the 2002 Defamation Ordinance requires consideration of this matter within 90 days. The complainant group Jang / Geo stated in the suit that this case is not a simple case of defamation; this is a murder, but rather a massacre of reputation. Therefore, the main question arises: can Sadik and Amen level out such false accusations?

The plaintiff said that, according to the legislative requirement, the respondent was lodged with the defendant in accordance with section 8 of the 2002 Defamation Ordinance, but he did not succeed in answering the same. The plaintiff said in a lawsuit that the Jang Group is the oldest and largest media house in Pakistan, which leads the largest audience and readership in the country due to its long-standing integrity and credibility. The defendant, Imran, is a political figure and a member of the National Assembly, as well as the founder and chairman of the PTI.

that the plaintiffs were upset by the illegal and malicious campaign of defamation of the accused, years in various public forums. Defendant Imran Khan made and distributed numerous defamatory and libelous statements against the Jang / Geo group, none of which was supported by one piece of evidence. Accordingly, the plaintiff has the right to relief by prescriptions and losses, which were prayed for in an instant suit.

The Jang / Geo Group is not only known for its integrity, but also for providing services for humanity and the world, as well as for their large-scale charitable projects such as the World Khalil ur Rehman Foundation (ICFD), Aman Ki Asha and PUKAAR for large-scale rehabilitation activities for flood victims of Pakistan. Defendant Imran Khan remained a loyal supporter of the works and efforts of the plaintiff.

It can also be added that due to its international, social and corporate growth and media services, the World of Shakil-ur-Rahman has a large number of business partners, friends, colleagues and well-wishers in Pakistan and abroad, especially in the UK , Canada, the USA, the United Arab Emirates and a number of other countries. The plaintiff was also one of the first to disclose and thoroughly explain the details of the scandal in Panama newspapers, which ultimately led to a large-scale campaign to investigate and accountability of the accused.

Unfortunately, Imran Khan has been harmed for several years and systematically defamed and discredited not only his political opponents but also those individuals and organizations that do not have the political agenda that the accused perceives to be tied to his interests . One of the most common goals of the defamatory campaigns of the defendant is the Jang / Geo group. Beginning in 2014, Imran Khan made statements and statements about the facts about the Jang / Geo group that were not only completely false and misleading, but also very slanderous, degrading and destructive, and such expressions include uncivilized words such as " blackmailer "and" Firon ", etc., which can not be a part of public discourse and discussion in any civilized society.

The plaintiff encloses the transcripts and summaries of Imran Khan's statements, as well as clippings from print media.

The essence of the accused's statements is that the Jang / Geo group was partial and inclined to their rival political party by transferring their leader's victorious speech to influence the election results, while the election process was completed in 5-6 hours to speech.

The defendant falsely accused that the plaintiff was corrupt for obtaining broadcast rights for a series of crickets between Pakis tan and Sri Lanka.

Imran Khan claimed that the Jang / Geo group is funded abroad to follow their narrative. He also tried to create doubts about the patriotism and fidelity of the plaintiff in relation to his district.

The defendant leveled extremely serious charges against the plaintiffs in that he has a connection between Indian and American governments to promote war on the western borders and to promote the agenda and goals of these foreign countries.

Imran Khan also named and called Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman a blackmailer and Fireon and made a false accusation that he was trying to intimidate him.

Until 2014, Imran praised and applauded the efforts of the Djang / Geo Group to promote democracy and their coverage of the general elections held in May 2013 in several interviews. However, after April 2014, he began to equalize the flow of false, generic and completely unreasonable accusations-he was broadcast on numerous television channels and in publications, among other things, fraud, blackmail, participation in electoral fraud, corruption and financial illegality in respect of the plaintiffs.

. According to his malicious and slanderous claims, Imran dimmed the plaintiff's reputation in the eyes of millions of people in Pakistan and abroad, falsely accusing them of being partial to his rival political parties.

The essence of Imran's statements is that the Jang / Geo Group received undue financial benefits from the former prime minister and as a result was involved in propaganda / misrepresenting the facts in support of him.


The defendant accused the World of Shakyl-ur-Rahman of blackmail, called him Fireon, the "Media Cross", the agent of India and America, supporting thieves, using media houses for financial gain, damaging the Supreme Court through history of WhatsApp, participation in public opinion polls, bringing the army into disrepute, selling his conscience, etc.

The plaintiff group Jang / Geo submitted that all of these allegations are not only false, but malicious, defamatory and completely unreasonable with one piece of evidence. To date, no real example of any alleged misunderstanding of facts or propaganda by plaintiffs has ever been indicated by the respondent, despite his constant disclosure of such allegations. Instead, the defendant simply and repeatedly condemned the alleged wealth and assets of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman and pointed to the same thing as evidence of financial obscenity and unethical behavior. It is respected that the accused relied only on malicious guesses and fabrications and that he deliberately abused his platform and influence as a legislator and party leader in advancing his political agenda. Moreover, no statement made by the respondent can be considered a fair commentary and not be defended as a free speech, since no basic facts can be given to justify or support the same. In addition, without prejudice to the foregoing, he also left the plaintiffs at any time and remained ready and able to account for each of his assets, as well as compliance with all applicable laws. In any case, the fact that a competent authority did not raise a complaint about financial illegality or any violation of the law with respect to the plaintiffs is evidence of the slanderous nature of the statements of the accused.

The plaintiffs stated that in the past they voluntarily volunteered for an unbiased investigation to investigate the charges brought by the defendant through a committee composed of neutral and impartial and respected citizens. However, the accused and his political party did not agree with this proposal.

In addition, many false statements made by Imran Khan over the years against the plaintiff, were previously transferred to ARY News. Following the successful slanderous action, Shakyl-ur-Rehman's World against the news of the ARY before the High Court of the Royal Bench of the Kingdom of Great Britain, where the court awarded damages. Such cases by the editor-in-chief of Jang / Geo have been pending in courts in Pakistan for almost four years

that the false and malicious campaign of the accused against the plaintiffs is prima facie, aimed at provoking and inciting the masses for physical violence against the plaintiff, members , journalists and members of the Jang / Geo group who have put their lives to death, as well as the lives of their families, in serious danger and danger. The plaintiffs reserve the right to continue to act in accordance with the law with respect to criminal defamation and other remedies available in accordance with the law.

The applicant prayed to the court to refer the accused to an unconditional public apology and to rescind all his false accusations and slanderous statements against the plaintiffs, and to address the press conference and issue press releases and take all necessary steps to call publication and distribution of their apologies and seizures in all media that have published and distributed its defamatory allegations. The plaintiff can also be reimbursed in the amount of 1 billion rupees.

He also prayed that the accused and his representatives could be restrained from any false statements / allegations and / or undermining the reputation and image of the plaintiffs.

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