Kasur video scandal: ATC awards life sentences to three accused | Pakistan

LAHORE: The Anti-Terrorist Court (ATC) in Lahore sentenced three defendants to their involvement in the terrible scandal with sexual violence against Kasur's children to life imprisonment on Tuesday.

ATC-II sentenced Hasim Ahmed, Vazim Sindhi and Alem Asif to life imprisonment along with a fine of 300,000 rupees.

A gang that operated between 2006 and 2014 was the victim of hundreds of children in Kasura, forcing them to commit sexual acts to the camera and then blackmail the families.

In August 2015, a local reporter published news about gang activity about a gang of nearly two dozen men who beat 280 children from the village of Husseinlala and shot 400 videos.

The Joint Investigative Group (JIT), established to investigate the scandal in the video, confirmed 20 victims of sexual abuse of children at that time. However, the Paxitan Human Rights Commission (HRCP) stated in its report that the victims of the crime are a much larger number of children.

One of the victim's father even paid more than a million rupees after he was threatened that the video would be posted on the Internet.

More than a dozen men were arrested after several families stepped forward and registered formal complaints to the police.

Cases were examined by the Antiterrorist Court (ATC), and in 2016 two men Khasim Amir and Fayzan Majid were sentenced to life imprisonment in accordance with sections 377 and 385 of the Pakistani Criminal Code and Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorist Court, the Terrorism Act an additional fine of 300,000 rupees for each of the victims. Non-observance of fines will lead to further punishment.

Hasim Amir, one of the main accused was nominated in two cases (FIR 250 and 280), but one of the applicants later withdrew the application under the pressure of the convict.

The prosecution in the case provided photogrammetric evidence of trials that identified both Hasim and Faizan, committed unlawful acts with the victims.

In 2016, a JIT group of five members, led by DIG Abu Bakar Khuda Baksh, discovered 19 victims of sodomy. The findings were published after the members of the group investigated 31 FIRs, interviewed more than 400 people – some of them repeatedly – and examined a total of 47 videos and 72 photos in the light of the report of the Punjabi jurisprudence.

JIT presented as a defendant a total of 17 people. Of these, 10 were charged with sodomy and 7 on other charges, such as criminal intimidation and fraud.

. The scandal about sexual abuse among children in Kasura brought shame to the country at the international level. This was called the biggest scandal of his character in the country's history, arguing that about 400 videos were made of 280 small victims by an organized group of 25 members.

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