MQM-P to challenge ‘non-transparent’ Senate elections in ECP | Pakistan

Referring to the media here, Sattar said that the MQM-P will also appeal to the High Court of Sindh and the Supreme Court on this matter. Photo: File

KARACHI: The leader of the Mutmahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) Farooq Sattar on Monday condemned attempts to limit his party in the political arena to "horse trading" in the recent Senate elections , stating that he will challenge the results in the Electoral Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Referring to the media, Sattar said that the MQM-P would also approach the High Court of Sind and the Supreme Court on this issue.

Sources said that six of the party's IPA in the Sindh Assembly defied party orders and voted for the People's Party of Pakistan in the elections on Saturday. MQM-P, as a result, was able to provide only one place in the upper house.

Suttar lamented that 15 or perhaps more MQM-P members were "forced to change their loyalty."

He also claimed that six party members were given testimonies due to violation of party orders. Sources said:

. Considering that the party is going through difficult times, Sattar also claimed that the voice of Mohajir

Considering that PPP celebrates its victory in the Senate elections, and "peers of Bahadurabad" were happy that they put in a "place for charity" to distract from Pakistan, the Muslim League – Functional and Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insafa. , Sattar on Sunday asked how the party will be able to prepare for the forthcoming general elections, taking into account the circumstances.

The leader announced a major rally after the Commission unveiled its decision on March 7 and called on the Chief Justice of Pakistan to accept suo motu notice of the alleged horse trade during the Senate elections.

The PPP rejected the allegations, asking MQM-P not to blame the attack on the party factions on the PPP.

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