Naqeebullah murder: Rao Anwar ‘requests’ SC to unfreeze accounts | Pakistan

The final policeman Rao Anwar (left) is wanted along with 12 other people for the extrajudicial killing of Waziristan Nakibullah Mehsud. ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court showed on Wednesday that it had received another letter from Rao Anwar, a loud hiding policeman in the case of the murder of Nakibullah Mehsud

The letter asks the top court to unfreeze its bank accounts, which were previously seized by court orders.

Mehsud, a 27-year-old native of Waziristan, was among three others who were accused of terrorism and were killed on January 13 by order of Malir SSP Anwar in what was later identified as a fake collision

The three-seat bench of the Supreme Court, headed by Pakistan's chief justice Mian Sakib Nisar, adopted a relevant statement on the case. At a hearing on February 13, the court opened Rao's first letter, stating that he was innocent and was looking for an impartial investigation.

At today's hearing, the bench noted that it is not yet confirmed whether the second letter was a truly suspended general service provider. However, he was included in the court record.

"Is Rao Anwar not protected by political forces," asked Judge Nisar, to whom Sind Ad Khawaja, Police Police Inspector (SSI), said he, as a responsible officer, could not confirm this.

Judge Umar Ata Bandial noted that it is obvious that someone provided protection to all the accused in this case.

In response to the request of the chief judge on the cooperation of the special services with the police, IGP Khawaja replied in the affirmative.

"Both military intelligence (MI) and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) cooperate with the Sindh police," Khawaja said, adding that the indictment was presented and the first First Information Report (FIR) was canceled.

The Sindh IGP further said that Anwar was not in the province, citing his last place as Bhar, a city in the Sargood district of the Punjab.

Faisal Siddiqui's lawyer, representing the Nakibullah family, indicated that only 10 of the 24 accused had been arrested so far. IGP Khawaja, however, informed the court that 12 accused in this case were arrested.

"The questions are raised about the state power," Siddiqi said, to which the chief justice Nisar replied that the issue on the authority of the state is very important.

Khawaja stressed that the police are making efforts to arrest suspects in escaping.

Then the Chief Justice ordered the Chief of Police Sind to give the court a briefing in the cell about the next hearing regarding the CCTV video materials about the refusal to evade Anwar from the airport in Islamabad earlier.

The Director General (DG) of the Airport Security Force (AFS), Major General Ali Abbas Haider, was also summoned at the next hearing, to be held on March 16 in the Karachi court.

"Probably some information [breakthrough] can be obtained from CCTV video," said the Chief Justice.

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