No repercussions to date for policemen accused in Maqsood killing case | Pakistan

Police officers accused of Maksoud's murder managed to maintain their position without any consequences, Geo News reported on Wednesday night, but reportedly " were absent "from

Maksud was killed by the police on January 20 in an alleged meeting near the Faisal base at Shahra-e-Faisal in Karachi, where the law enforcement authorities (LNPP) claimed that they had shot the wanted suspect.

Police officers, however, turned to their initial statement a few hours later, stating that the citizen was actually killed because of the firing of the real suspect who participated in the shootout with the police.

None of the departments took any action against the police officers mentioned in the Maksud murder case – no postponement was given, no notice was given about the shows, no arrests, but the defendants remain " absent "from work with several days.

The accused include an assistant to the police sub-indicator (TAI) of Tarik Khan and constables Akbar Khan, Abdul Waheed and Shawkat Ali.

In addition, no departmental action was taken against Ali Hassan, a station officer (SHO) in the Shahra-e-Faisal police station.

Auxiliary Inspector General (AIG) Mushtak Mehr, a police officer of the City of Stolitsa (CCPO) for Karachi, on the other hand, refused to investigate what he was on leave at work after the incident.

Hassan, SHO at the Shahra-e-Faisal police station, noted that none of the four officers had been shown at work since the last few days.

"Release of CCTV video"

Earlier, Sindh police included accusations of terrorism against the suspects named in the Maksud case, and the investigator in the case referring to the court judge (Central) for 15

In the indictment for the Maksoud murder case, submitted on March 24, the police stated that one of the four accused of the ASA, Tariq Khan, having shot the deceased at close range.

The prosecution sheet also states that ASI Khan killed two other people by pulling them out of the rickshaw along with the deceased.

Previously, Sheikh Muhammad, the father of Maksud, expressed reservations about the charge.

He demanded that the authorities present to the public a video about the incident of the public.

"My son was tortured by the police, I have not received any justice.

"He had no weapons, I demand that the authorities release a video of CCTV [closed-circuit television] so that people can learn the truth," he said.

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