Not treated well for serving country, says Dar | Pakistan

Former finance minister Ishak Dar on Wednesday lamented that he was mistreated for serving in the country.

Dar, speaking of Geo News Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada ke Sath, said that a fake case was registered against him, and any independent auditor can check his financial reports. He added that the case against him is based on unfair intentions.

Next, Dar said that some people seek to destroy two families in Pakistan.

He added that his vacation was legal, as he sought permission from the prime minister before heading to England for treatment.

Referring to his election to the Senate, Dar said the Constitution allows swearing in from anywhere, and does not need to be present in Pakistan to do so.

A former finance minister said that he wants to return to Pakistan as soon as possible.


Dar, a close assistant to the head of the Muslim Muslim League of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, is accused of belonging to assets incommensurate with his declared sources of income.

NAB filed a provisional reference to the Dar in September last year in the light of the verdict of the Supreme Court of July 28, 2017 in the Panamanian papers.

The additional link is based on seven volumes and includes the accounts of the defendants, with transactions amounting to $ 4.06 million, according to Nab's special prosecutor Imran Shafiq.

Dar was recently re-elected to the Pakistani Senate.

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