Nothing found against Nawaz in six months: Maryam Nawaz | Pakistan

FAISALABAD: The daughter of Prime Minister Mariam Nawaz on Thursday said that nothing was found against Nawaz Sharif in the ongoing cases of corruption over the past six months.

Maryam Nawaz appealed to the Union of Social Media of Pakistan of the Muslim League of Nawaz in Faisalabad.

A convention of social networking workers PML-N was held in Dhobi-Ghat Faisalabad, for which extensive preparations were made.

Maryam, referring to the references of the Bureau of National Accountability against the former Prime Minister, stated that the time for the body of inquiry had expired.

"If you could not find anything in six months, what will you find in two months?" "- said the first ex-daughter.

Maryam laughed at the fact that if the "diamonds" (members) of the Joint Investigative Group could not find anything, then how will the NAB officials succeed in this regard.

When criticizing the judiciary, Maryam Nawaz said that suo moto was taken against those who abolished dual citizenship.

"Those who had to give a verdict, before making a decision, to start using such as don, mafia, godfather," said Maryam.

"If decisions are based on discontent and injustice, how will they be respected," said the first first daughter.

She said that respect for j Udicaria is not related to intimidation, adding that the voice will be raised against decisions based on injustice.

"One sentence after another is given, even dismissed from the prime minister," said Mariam Navas.

"They were uncomfortable even after their dismissal," Maryam said, adding that the symbol of the victory of the lion was also taken away.

Maryam said that, despite all this, the threshold of PML-N became the winner in the polls of the Senate.

She said that the party, despite losing its president and personality, still jumped, became stronger, becoming the largest party in the Senate.

Maryam Nawaz will be presented with a gold necklace in Faisalabad

After he was awarded the golden crowns in Sheikhupura and Sargodha, the daughter of the former Prime Minister Maryam Nawaz received a gold necklace at the event in Faisalabad.

The trend of representing the former first daughter with gold ornaments recently began in different parts of Punjab, a province where PML-N is in power.

In Sargodha, she was presented to the Mayor of Malik by Aslam Naaved, a 20-ot gold crown, as a gift from the people of the city on February 24.

Nevertheless, Maryam said that she would donate the crown of an organization working for orphans.

Prior to this, on February 18, Shaykhupura traders presented the crown to the daughter of a former prime minister. It was believed that the decoration cost about 1.3 million rupees.

On February 16, in Mansekhra Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Maryam turned to the first in the social network of the party.

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