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Pak efforts against terrorism yielded ‘some success’: US Defense Intelligence Agency | Pakistan

Lieutenant-General Robert E. Ashley, Lieutenant-General of the US Department of Defense (DIA), testifies at the Senate Armed Services Committee on National Security Threats. Photo: DIA Public Affairs

The ongoing operations of Pakistan in the fight against terrorism "have had some success in reducing violence" from militancy and sectarianism, according to a report prepared by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and presented on Tuesday the Armed Services Committee of the US Senate.

The country wishes action against the anti-state elements present in Afghanistan, and is currently looking at the United States and Afghanistan for their cooperation in this regard, updating the World Threat Assessment.

"Islamabad will most likely continue its counterinsurgency and border control operations along its western border, while supporting counterterrorism and paramilitary operations throughout the country," DIA

It also states that Pakistan intends to continue its activities against border infiltration and will support the board

"These efforts have had some success in reducing violence by militant, sectarian, terrorist and separatist groups, but Pakistan will turn to Iman on the United States and the Afghan government to support antipakistanskih against militants in Afghanistan ", – he added.

Afghanistan and the Taliban

The Taliban, as usual, pose a threat to peace and stability in Afghanistan and increase their fortress in tribal areas, the report says.

"Rural areas will remain controversial between the Taliban and the IDF during the next year, as the Taliban consolidates control in these areas and tries to exert pressure on provincial capitals, mainly in the south and north-west. "

However, Afghan security forces are gradually gaining momentum, building up their defensive capabilities and, in many cases, preventing attacks in densely populated areas.

"We expect the Taliban to threaten stability in Afghanistan and undermine public confidence by conducting periodic high-profile attacks in urban areas, increasing influence on the countryside, threatening the regional centers and challenging the vulnerable areas of the ANSF."

It was stressed that the Afghan security forces need to take steps to eliminate corruption.

"ANSF will almost certainly have to focus on increasing its combat potential, improving its leadership development and command unity and countering corruption, further developing a sustainable security solution in Afghanistan that would force the Taliban to seek negotiations to end the conflict .

"The continuation of coalition air strikes, as well as training, counseling and assistance this year will remain the most important factors for improving ANSF's ability to prevent Taliban advancement beyond rural areas and the expansion of security and governance."

India and LO

Persistent clashes between Pakistan and India along the control line (LK), on the other hand, also pose a threat to the relations between the two countries. In addition, it is expected that both states will adhere to their positions along the LR this year.

"The continued exchange of intense fire between Indian and Pakistani forces along the control line creates the risk of an unintentional or gradual escalation of hostilities … We expect both sides to maintain this lofty stance on disputed border areas until the end 2018.

The DIA report also says that India wants to prove its role as a world power and therefore believes that its nuclear power is important for this.

"New Delhi is looking for the status of a global force and perceives its strategic forces as necessary elements to achieve this goal."

India developed its first nuclear submarine and handed it over to its fleet, and the second will soon be delivered in accordance with the report. In order to strengthen its army, the nation works tirelessly and does it to prove it can the person (19459012)

"India delivered its first domestic nuclear submarine, INS Arihant into operation and installed its second nuclear submarine, INS Arighat in 2018.

"India continues to modernize its armed forces in order to better comprehend itself to protect its interests at home and in the wider Indian (19459012)

At the same time, India's report states that it has well-developed diplomatic and economic ties in Asia.

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