Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD) Fee Structure

Lahore PIFD Fee Structure

The year of foundation represents students in the study of style both in theory and in practice. Students enrolled in any of the above programs, 1st enroll a popular fund fund program, shortly after which they follow their individual programs. A range of knowledge that allows students to determine with the help of style tools and processes, subjects for acquiring suitable design proposals. All programs are based on semesters with two semesters every year for 4 years. The main function of the programs provides an Exciting opportunity to explore, test, study and watch.

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Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD), the structure of Lahore

The Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design is a design institute located in Lahore, affiliated with the Higher Education Commission and has a full membership in the CUMULUS Association. He offers several courses on fashion design for local and foreign students. He appeared in 2006 and gained a huge reputation in the field of fashion and design.

He offers 4-year BS programs in the field of fashion and design, and he is divided into four faculties.

Faculty of the School of Fashion Design

  • Faculty of marketing and promotions of the fashion school
  • The Faculty of the School of Textile Design
  • The faculty of the school of accessories and products

The Faculty / School of Accessories and Products offers the following courses

Department of Precious Stones and Jewelers

  • Department of design and production of furniture
  • Department of leather accessories and footwear
  • Department of ceramics and glass products

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Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD) Fee Structure

The following are other payment details. Information about each department can be obtained only from the department. To find out the details of the payment for the department, visit the university and ask the management department. Students must submit these contributions before entering the first semester. If you give it to others, you can not return it. Foreign students receive a full commission only in the department. Those foreign students who are interested in enrolling in this university should visit the university office Or their official website. Here is the information of local students, but remember that these are other payment details.

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Below is the structure of other fees.


Other charges
Description Commission in the PKRS
Commission for entry (at the time of entry) 10,000 rupees
Commission for security (compensation) 10,000 rupees
The cost of training (per semester) Rs 97,241
Medical contribution (per semester) Rupees 1,000
Payment for the library (per semester) 2000 rupees 2000
Commission for the examination (for a semester) Rupees 1,000
Hostelling services 755 rupees
Transport charges Rs. 4000

All these structures can be changed. At the moment this fee is acceptable, but can be changed at any time. You will learn its change after admission to the university.

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