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Pakistani passport was included among the five worst passports for international travel, according to a new report.


The Henley Passport Index, published in February 2018, is Pakistan as the fourth worst passport in the world, placing it in 102nd place among 105 countries. Pakistani passport holders have visa-free access in only 30 countries.

Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are the only countries that were below Pakistan by the index.

Japan and Singapore are currently the most powerful passports according to data compiled by the global consulting firm Henley & Partners.

In addition, Japan and Singapore successfully removed Germany from the first place, visa-free access to 179 destinations.

South Korea ranks third in the ranking, along with the European countries of Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Spain and Sweden. Passport holders of these countries have a visa-free access to 178 destinations.

Among the Asian countries, Malaysia also advanced and took 11th place with unhindered travel to 169 destinations.

The USA and Canada are on the fifth place in the index, visa-free entry to 176 destinations, and the UK takes the fourth place.

In addition, the United Arab Emirates took the 27th place of visa-free access to 140 countries.

Here are the five most powerful passports in the world:

1) Japan, Singapore: 180

2) Germany: 179

3) Denmark Finland, France Italy, Sweden, Spain, South Korea: 178

4) Norway, United Kingdom, Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal: 177

5) Switzerland, Ireland, United States, Canada: 176

Here are the five least powerful passports in the world:

1) Afghanistan: 24

2) Iraq: 27

3) Syria: 28

4) Pakistan: 30

5) Somalia: 32

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